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We are always searching for collaborations. If you are interested to realize your audio/video projects together with us, don’t mind to contact us.

For further informations, bookings, releases and general ideas please contact us here:

E-mail:  info(ät)fantomton(döt)de

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2 Responses to Kontakt

  1. Hi,

    it was good to see you at Zeitzone on Thursday and I appreciate that you did not make noise for … noise, as also told you there.

    just wanted to touch base and if you want to sent me your contacts details in order to forward you some of my staff


    • Hey Vassilis,

      was great to meet you at Zeitzone! Thanks for the flowers. Would be great to hear your staff! If you could forward it to info(ät)@fantomton(dot)de would be great.

      Have a relaxed new year.

      Best Regards,

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