Netlabel und Experimente

We Can Dance

This experiment was a sequence of parties realized mainly together with symbiont-music. Involved artists:

16-Lux (homeless clouds)
Alexander Tillmann (symbiont-music)
Audacious clay (symbiont-music) live
Beatstorm (fantomton) live
Cath’n’dan (eintakt rec.)
Ceilia live
Cem orlow & antitonal with live sax (synaptic waves | high filet | soylent network)
Delorean graycode (fantomton) live
Deviloopment (mica+electoy) (symbiont-music) live
DraufundDran | Johnny Peinlich / FipsElektro| (Hörvergnngen) live
Electoy (symbiont-music) live
friedrich tillmann (symbiont-music)
Funkenstrøm (symbiont-music) live
Gagga Inc | Docma / Audien| (idealtechno)
Georg wedel (tinka tanzt, symbiont-music)
Geschwister schumann (symbiont-music,suchtfaktor) live
Initial gain (we love to emerge) live
Kabo (fantomton)
Kamera live
Karge welt (symbiont-music) live
Lektor vs. nina pabst (L(i)ebe zur Musik | Pentagonik| female pressure)
M-node (fantomton) live
Max schumann (symbiont-music | suchtfaktor) live
Mentelibre (stadtklang, suchtfaktor) live
Mica (symbiont-music) LIVE
Michael placke (reclaim the sparkasse, exquisite-berlin)
Miguel Martinez (fantomton)
Mongroove (reclaim the sparkasse / exquisite-berlin)
Nina blondich (fantomton) live
Phantom crunch (fantomton) live
Praxis (kreislauf, Hamburg)
Radarfilm (fantomtom)
Ryan Sielas (symbiont-music)
S³ Literaturwerke
Shakira im elfenbeinturm (s3 Literaturwerke)
Undergrind (wrong planet productions) live

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