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Continuous Variation

Ensemble for french horn, flute, live electronics and dance.

“Rather than seeing difference as difference between two things, difference must be thought of as the continual movement of self-differing, like the continual variation of a sound rising and lowering in pitch without stopping at notes in a scale – a pure movement of difference without identity. In other words, difference is continuous variation.”
– from The Deleuze Dictionary, Adrian Parr

The ensemble is based on a free collaboration of musicians and dancers from all over Europe, living in Berlin and working in the field of contemporary improvisation, performance.

The ensemble works on improvisation performance as a collective activity among the artists, who come from different backgrounds of music and dance.
The basic material comes from real-time interaction focusing on the awareness on time and creating specific presence on space: the movement of sound – the sound of movement. Musicians and dancers are permeable to each other. The origin of an idea diffuses in the bodies, their interactions establish complex spaces.
Composition arises from coincidences, misunderstanding, messiness, emotions, intuition: all this moments of imbalance are the opportunity to undermine any hierarchy between self and other, between presence and absence, between body and music.
The states of being and interaction entwine in a flow with different level of materiality, showing and hiding their potential for a continuous variation – of bodies, music and movements, basically it is difference at his pure state.


Computer/live electronics/motion tracking: Marcello Lussana aka Erased Bodies
Flute/live electronics: Miriam Akkermann
French Horn/live electronics Interaction: Elena Kakaliagou
Dance/live electronics Interaction: David Bloom
Visuals/interactive system: Daniel Huber


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