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Neurobit is an experimental project working in the fields of improvised micro sound collages and ambient soundscapes. Behind the project is Bas Welling, also known for previous works under the monikers Former Descent & Rioteer, productions for Meldy Peaches and remix works for artists like Maurizio Bianchi, Ra-X, C64 Orchestra and Deathmaker.
The Neurobit sound consists of soundscapes, drones, pulses and noises created by using sound generators and micro sampling. The sound is based on minimal suites made by using 4bit, 8bit, & LCD console sounds. In the past Neurobit already released his works on labels like Enfant Terrible, Alphacut Records, Marasm , Retinascan, True Chip Till Death, TIBProd & R.O.N.F. Records. Neurobit played at various fesivals, art spaces and concert nights including Gogbot Festival, GBM New York, Lowcycle Barcelona, Bloodnok Tour Russia/Lithuania, Mediamatic Amsterdam, Affaire Festival Nijmegen.

Appears on Fantomton at:

[FT006] Radarstation 2

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