Netlabel und Experimente


KLICK oder BLITZ ([klɪk] [ˈoːdər] [blɪts]) search in the basic forms of sound and light combing visual and aural concepts and constructions.

The two performers relate the two media as nature does: the flash got his thunder, human sound its utterance. Klick oder Blitz relate lines to fine glitches, bold circles to deep basses.

Clear, simple and straight. Those are the basic attributes of understanding of the two natural, or, human beings: Jacopo Migliorelli and Lukas Kaser. In this case they speak through midi signals but it could be every other language, technical or natural.

One application of their work is the subproject obsKubus::glich.µ.i

Klick Blitz im Hof from Frank Fantom on Vimeo.

Klick Blitz@Cell63 – Jacopo Migliorelli / Lukas Kaser from jacopo migliorelli on Vimeo.

Appears on Fantomton at:

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