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Jacopo Migliorelli is a berlin based visual designer who has started to bring his talent into visual arts and into the whole digital media field. In particular, his purposes concern video-multimedia production.

Guitar and bass player in different bands from rock and roll to hardcore punk, he turns his music passion and research toward electronic music, especially the one with English roots, i.e. dub, trip-hop, downtempo, grime, dubstep, jungle, drum and bass, 2step, breakcore, etc.

In 2003, he moves to Florence to apply in Visual Communication course at “University of Florence”. During this period he meets Daniele and they start to collaborate in several projects regarding audio-video production. In addition to, they perform as “Beatstorm” vj crew which is still working and doing live video-set between Berlin and London.

After having majored, he decides to move to Berlin in 2007 and learn German language aimed by a strong intention to study at “Cologne Academy of Arts”.

Since February 2008 he works as freelancer for Miami (US) based communication agency “” designing websites and graphics artworks, such as logos and advertising.

In November 2008 he also starts to work as flash-graphic designer for “Tamundo Gmbh”, an online platform based in Berlin.

At the present he is still developing his skills on Flash interested in the relationship between sound and moving-images.

Appears on Fantomton at:

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