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Erased Bodies

Erased Bodies
Erased Bodies is a musical project of Marcello Lussana, based on the concept of the Body Without Organs of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.

The music is used as a deep experience to erase the standard way of thinking and feeling the body, giving the opportunity to build up a new mind/body interaction and erase this duality.
Erased Bodies is not limited to music, but open to every interaction of possibilities, leading to an advanced consciousness.

The body – both phisically and conceptually – is used as a starting point of this deconstruction and re-contruction, involving the whole life in an endless loop growing in a spiral form.

Erased Bodies is active in both the alive impro-music scene of Berlin and working on interactive sound environments.

Here a few links to some current projects:



“Energy is Eternal Delight”
W. Blake

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