Netlabel und Experimente

Concerts in MaThilda and Altes Finanzamt

On Sunday 06.07 the new Ensemble Soel will play in MaThilda Bar,

Wildenbruchstraße 68, 12045 Berlin, Deutschland

The event starts at 21:00


On Monday 07.07 the following Trio will play in Altes Finanzamt:

Marcello Lussana – live electronics and amplified objects -
Elena Kakaliagou – french horn –
Margarita Kourtparasidou – percussions –

This event also starts at 21:00


Come and enjoy both concerts!

Multiversal #33 w/ ST.ANDBY + SOEL + MARSECEZ/DŁUGI

Another great multiversal event @ Altes finanzamt, tomorrow evening at 9 PM
Marcello Lussana will play with the SOEL ensemble, here more information about tomorrow night:

Sture Ericson: Reeds
Anders Lindsjö::: Guitar
Adam Pultz Melbye::: Double Bass

Rieko Okuda: Piano
Miriam Siebenstädt:: Saxophone
Marcello Lussana::: Electronics
Emilio Gordoa:::: Prepared Vibraphone

reeds and electronics

Altes Finanzamt is here:

Altes Finanzamt

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Altes Finanzamt 52.482510, 13.436800

Resonance Assembly – Komposition für Fabrik


by Zorka Wollny
with Christine Schörkhuber, Jana Sotzko, Jason Liebert , Marcello Lussana, Matthias Härter, Philipp Kullen, Rosa Gerhards, Theresa Stroetges and others

The project Resonance Assembly investigates the former factory area of the Malzfabrik in Tempelhof-Schöneberg and ist relicts of machinery as resonant bodies for a music of the forgotten and of transformation. In a series of concerts, a temporary ensemble consisting of musicians, cultural researchers, performers and amateurs activates the in-betweens of art, contemporary music, sound and performance and literally plays the factory. In this environment formerly dominated by rhythms of industrial processing, their collaborative experiments transform abandoned rooms, apparatuses, tools and materials into a very different sequencing of sonic assembly. With classical music objects, everyday items and their own bodies, the group feels out, beats, pushes and transmigrates the old malthouse and its abandoned infrastructure. The series of minimalistic sound pieces bestow an acoustic presence to the factory’s quiet erosion and untold stories. In the presence of listeners, the factory becomes –aside from its material manifestation– a space for collaborative cognizance, a space for motion dependent perception and an expression of re-interpreted cultural relations.

The composition Resonance Assembly emerges from the interdisciplinary practice of the artist and current District studio grant recipient Zorka Wollny who is known for her site – specific works and performances.

7.6.2014 in the frame of Malzfabrik Summer Festival Malzwiese

4.30 pm and 6 pm

19.7.2014 in the frame of the Universität der Künste Rundgang

4.30 pm and 6 pm

(for maximun 25 people, please register until 2 days before the performances)*

*Registration for both dates throug:

On June 7 Resonance Assembly is released as music CD and art publication.

Continuous Variaton @ Multiversal

Heute abend spielt Continuous Variation beim Multiversal Festival.

Das Konzert fängt schon um 21 uhr hier:
Turn Facing Front
first big building there on the ruschestrasse
ex-stasi building
u-bahn Magladelenestrasse

Hier ist das Lineup des Abends:
James Welburn – atonal bass drones
Brage Tørmænen – drum

Computer/live electronics: Marcello Lussana
Flute/live electronics: Miriam Akkermann
French Horn: Elena Kakaliagou

Andreas Dzialocha – electric bass
Owen Roberts – clarinet
Christian Windfeld – snare
Karsten Lipp – guitar

Solo Drums

Wir freuen uns auf euch!